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Industrial Electrical Power Systems need a good design.               A proper functioning of electric power distribution system is vital for safety, maintenance, trouble shooting and the efficient operation of industrial plant.               

Why Hiee

HIEE (Hyderabad Institute of Electrical Engineers) is the most reliable result-oriented Electrical Training Institute in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Design Courses. We provide high-quality education; Professional Training and continuous guidance to all the Engineering Graduates that makes us grab most of the Electrical Engineering Jobs in Hyd. In the world of Electrical Engineering Training, HIEE has taken prompt paces in empowering newbies as well as Professionals with the abilities to meet the challenges for Energy, Power, Engineering and Infrastructure Industries. HIEE comprises skilled and knowledgeable trainers from topmost MNC's in order to drive our students to get the best Electrical Engineering Jobs and we are delighted to guide them to reach greater heights in their Electrical Engineering careers.

Students Placed

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Glob tech Engineering

Ph: 9177968284

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Switchgares&fabricators vijayawada

Ph: 7799550389

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Cleantech solar energy

Ph: -----

Electrical Engineering Courses

V.Prasanna Kumar

Company:Appoline Energy

Ph: 8686105899

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Asa Bhanu Technical services

Ph: 8374940861

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Anewa Engineering Private.Ltd.

Ph: -----------

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Anewa Engineering Private.Ltd.

Ph: 9032589437

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:Asa Bhanu Technical services

Ph: 9846078956

Electrical Engineering Courses

V.Venkata kalyan varma

Company:Anewa Engineering Private.Ltd.

Ph: 9642121255

Electrical Engineering Courses


Company:S cube Energy Infra

Ph: 9581674486

Electrical Design Engineering Training Program

HIEE offers a set of fully incorporated Electrical Engineering Training solutions and our Electrical Training Courses enable young engineering students to become hands-on, practical and innovative. Being the best Electrical training institute, we are proud to announce that our students are placed in a maximum number of Electrical Engineering Jobs in Hyd. We intensely believe that convoluted Electrical Engineering Courses can be imparted in a humble manner by using creative methodologies. Through our well-structured training sessions, workshops and more practical sessions, we assist students in apprehending the problematical concepts in a motivating way. Our Electrical Design Courses are scheduled to make students to open up their mind and start to look at engineering in a broader perception.

Student Testimonials


It is an excellent Electrical Engineering Training institute with well-practiced and talented Faculties. Good communication with students. HIEE provides very friendly teaching environment


Our trainer impressed me so much. His expertise and passion for Electrical Training courses was very flawless to me and others. I fairly did not want the training to end and learnt great information that I can utilize and pass along to my colleagues

Samir Padhy

Course was excellent. Great balance of hands-on and lecture. Due to my preceding training experiences, this is by far one of the most useful Job Oriented Courses for Electrical Engineers I have ever had.

Mani Prakash

When I knew about this HIEE Institute I just got confused for joining it. But currently I am totally satisfied with their Electrical engineering Courses training after finishing the course


A very excellent institute and way of teaching is too good and the best place to get Electrical Engineering Jobs in Hyd

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