Job Oriented Training Program for eee Students

Hyderabad Institute of Electrical Engineering (HIEE) provides the best Industrial Electrical Engineering Courses Training for the passionate Electrical Engineering graduates. After completion of successful Training program the candidate will get the placement along with certification

HIEE training process :

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Real Time Projects

Industry Visits



Our Job Oriented Courses for Electrical Engineers gives you an in-depth knowledge on every single concept and are good enough to start their career as an Electrical Engineer or Electrical Design Engineer.

Course Batches

Regular Batch

Daily 5 to 6 Hours

60 Days

Real Time Practice Sessions

Industry Visits



Fresh / Experienced with full time bachelors degree in EEE.

Weekend Batch

Saturday and Sunday

4 Months

Real Time Practice Sessions

Industry Visits



B.Tech Final Year Students and Employees

Course Syllabus

Basics of Electrical Engineering
and Power Factor Correction

Codes and Standrds

Single phase system, Poly phase system and their importance

Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization

Power Factor Correction and Improvement Methods

Star and Delta in 3 Phase System

What is AC and DC

Co-ordination with other Disciplines

Swith gear Concepts
Circuit Breaker Selection and Sizing

Breaker classification based on voltage level

Arc Quenching Phenomenon

Operating mechanisms of circuit breaker

Preparation of breaker control schematic

Rating of circuit breaker

Testing of breaker

Instrument Transformer Selection and Sizing

Current Transformer

Difference between conventional and current transformer

Equivalent circuit of CT

Errors of CT

CT core classification (Metering and Protection Class)

CT Sizing Calculation

Voltage Transformer

Difference between conventional and voltage transformer

Ratio and Phase Error of VT

VT Core classification (Metering and Protection Class)

VT Sizing calculation

Electrical Protection System


Relay Technology

Relay Charecteristics

Types of Relays and Application

Relay Setting Calculation

Relay Co-ordination

Substation / Switchyard Design and Plant Earthing

Introduction and Types of substations

Selection and sizing of equipments

Bus bar arrangements

Substation Clearances

SLD and Layout Preparation for 132KV / 33KV Substation

Plant Earthing / Substation Earthmat Design

Requiremnt of Earthing in Industrial Plants

Plant Earthing Design Calculation

Substation Earthmat Design Calculation

Earthing Installations Details

Types of Earthing Details

Plant Earthing Layout / Substation Earthmat layout preparation

Short Circuit Calculation


Type of Faluts

Short Calculation based on Equivalent MVA Method

Short Calculation based on per-unit impedence method

Swithgear Panel Design

Basic Introduction

MCC, PCC Panels

APFC Panel

Distribution Boards

Motor Starting Methods


Type Of Starters (DOL, Star Delta, VFD and Soft Starter)

Typical Control Schematics for DOL, Star Delta, VFD and Soft Starter

Typical Schematics of Power fedder


Different Types of Transformer

Winding Arrangement, Vector Group and Percentage Impedance

Selection of Tap Changers

Transformer Sizing Calculation

Cable Selection and Sizing

Power cable and Control cable Introduction

Cable Selection

Cable Sizing for LV / HV System

Voltage Drop Calculation

Cable schedule

Cable inter-connection schedule

Illumination Design


Types of Lighting Fixtures

Preparation of Fixtures Schedule

Indoor Illumination Calculation

Outdoor Illumination calculation

Calculation on DIALux Software

Lighting Layout Design

Lighting Installation details

Small Power Selection

Lighting Board Schedule

Lighting Protection Design

Lighting Protection Requirement

Lighting Protection calculation

DSLP Calculation of Substation

Lighting Installation Details

Lighting Layout Design

Battery and Charger Sizing


Types of batteries and Chargers

Selection of batteries and charges

Battery Selection Calculation

Charger Selection calculation

Software Training

Training on AutoCAD

Training on DIALux

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